UFOstretch is a standalone mac only application which allows you to transform, translate and interpolate a specific set of glyphs. It provides a range of measurement tools so a high level of accuracy can be obtained. All this can be done simultaneously and is immediately visually presented. The output can be added to one of the master files or be exported in a new UFO.

The purpose of this tool is to speed up the designing process of smallcaps, inferior, superior, condensed and extended versions. Please notice that in the end, a "human touch" correcting a few glyphs stays recommended.



The free trial can not generate UFO's.

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A single user license for this program costs € 200. There are no multi-user licenses for UFOstretch.

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Special Thanks to:

Erik van Blokland

Just van Rossum

Tal Leming

Version history

v 0.2

Initial Commercial version

v 0.3

Support for UFO2

Leopard only, if you need an older version ask info@typemytype.com

v 0.4

Support for Snow Leopard

v 0.8

Input field

check box show both masters

short cuts and arrows

Support for Lion

v 0.8.1

New webstore

v 0.8.2

Improved naming of generated fonts

v 0.8.3

Adding 'round' checkbox while generating

v 0.8.4

Store the input text in a UFOstretch file